EUA survey on international partnerships and the European Universities Initiative: Have your say

EUA has launched a survey on international strategic institutional partnerships and the European Universities Initiative and invites its member universities to respond by 8 March. 

With this survey, EUA wishes to map the international engagement of its members, explore the topic of strategic institutional partnerships and collect members’ views about the European Universities Initiative. The first results will be presented at the EUA Annual Conference in Gdansk, Poland in April and will feed into EUA’s policy discussions with the European Commission.

International collaboration is part of many university activities today and several have moved to a more strategic approach by deepening collaborations with institutions abroad through long-term institutional partnerships. The European Universities Initiative, launched in 2017-2018, has brought the value of such collaborations to the attention of policy makers at the highest level and triggered new enthusiasm among many universities. Two pilot calls have been launched under the Erasmus+ programme and many new networks aimed at such deep collaboration have already been set up. With negotiations on the next generation of EU funding programmes going into the final phase and the start of the mandate of the new European Commission, this is a crucial time to shape the future direction of the Initiative and EU policies towards universities more broadly. The input of EUA members via the survey is most valuable for this and enables EUA to be the strong voice of the whole sector in these discussions.

EUA invites university leaders and practitioners engaged in the topic to respond to the survey on behalf of their universities. Only one response per institution can be considered. In case information needs to be collected from various parts of the institution to answer the questions, a pdf version of the survey is available for a better overview, but responses must be submitted via the online form only.

For further information, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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