Call for participation: EUA survey on digitally enhanced learning and teaching

Due to the coronavirus crisis, universities have come under sudden pressure to shift to digitally enhanced teaching and online learning. While this is a temporary measure in an emergency situation, the topic will continue, and is likely to play an even more prominent role than before the crisis.

This survey aims to map the situation regarding digitally enhanced learning and teaching at higher education institutions across Europe, regarding benefits, impact and challenges, and plans and strategies for the future. The survey was planned long before the coronavirus crisis started, but it also includes some questions on how higher education institutions are adapting to the changed situation.

The survey also follows up an earlier survey conducted in 2013-2014. So far, this has been the only Europe-wide survey on the topic, and it is still frequently quoted. It is therefore the right time to provide fresh data, and show the progress that has taken place.

The information that the survey will gather will help EUA to ensure that the debates on digitally enhanced learning in higher education are based on reliable facts and information, and address issues that are truly important for higher education institutions.

It will also inform EUA’s future activities for exchange and collaboration on digitally enhanced education among European higher education institutions. This will be done, among other activities, under the EU-funded project DIGI-HE (2020-2022), of which this survey forms an integral part.

The survey is open to all European higher education institutions from 6 April to 19 June 2020.

EUA hopes to have a high response rate, despite but also because of the current challenging situation. The Association therefore actively encourages all higher education institutions to take part. Please note that the survey complies with the project’s data privacy policy and that all responses are strictly confidential.

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