Webinar 3 – Digitally enhanced learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area

This webinar from EUA’s “Towards the Bologna Process Ministerial Meeting” series examined where European higher education institutions stand in terms of digital learning and reflect on challenges and opportunities that may arise while going forward.


Digital learning has been on the agenda of the European Higher Education Area for a number of years already, with recent Bologna Ministerial Communiqués emphasising the importance of “fully exploiting the potential benefits of digital technologies for learning and teaching” (Yerevan Communiqué, 2015), and recognising “its potential to transform how higher education is delivered and how people learn at different stages of their lives” (Paris Communiqué, 2018). Higher education institutions have witnessed a growing trend in digital take-up in recent years, with digitalisation becoming embedded in strategic reflection and planning as a way to enhance learning and teaching generally (Trends 2018). The outbreak of Covid-19 forced teaching staff and students to embrace digital learning in a different way, with remote provision becoming the new normal. On the governments’ side, there is also increasing willingness to seek to provide high quality digital education, and enhance students’ and lecturers’ digital skills.

In this webinar, EUA has presented the results from its 2020 survey on digitally enhanced learning and teaching, which took place in the framework of the DIGI-HE project, and offererda timely update to EUA’s 2014 E-learning report. The webinar speakers offered their complementary views – from national and institutional perspectives – and discussed the current state of play in digital learning in the European Higher Education Area.

Participation to the webinar upon registration was free of charge and open to all EUA members, as well as other stakeholders with an interest in the Bologna Process, digitalisation, or higher education policy in general.

Tuesday, 20 October, 14.00 – 15.00 CEST

Webinar 3 - Digitally enhanced learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area

  • Michael Gaebel, Director, Higher Education Policy Unit, EUA
  • Sharon Flynn, Project Manager of the Enhancing Digital Teaching & Learning Project, Irish Universities Association (IUA)
  • Peter Greisler, Head of Directorate Universities, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Moderated by Thérèse Zhang, Higher Education Policy Unit, EUA


A recording of the webinar is available on the EUA YouTube Channel.

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