Presentation of EUA innovation survey findings

EUA presented the findings of its survey on innovation at European universities at an event in Brussels. Policy makers, university leaders and other research and innovation actors discussed the findings and analysed a Europe-wide picture of university innovation. They also discussed EUA’s key recommendations to enhance universities’ contribution to European innovation ecosystems with Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. The outcomes contributed to the development of the Commission’s upcoming plan for strengthening the pan-European innovation ecosystem.

As established drivers of their innovation ecosystems, universities display the necessary strategic attention to innovation that can make Europe a leader in the green and digital transitions. However, their growing focus on innovation is outpacing the availability of support systems, as well as requiring them to adjust their own institutional approaches for a more disruptive role as innovators. Aligning these systems and approaches with universities’ innovation ambitions will be crucial to fostering a more sustainable and digitally connected society. The EUA innovation survey, developed in collaboration with the EUA Innovation Ecosystems Expert Group, aimed to measure the extent of this alignment and provide evidence to develop recommendations for universities, policy makers and funding agencies.

The event took place from 12.30 until 15.30 CET at Scotland House, following the Covid-19 safety measures. 

The event was also streamed online to allow all interested stakeholders and EUA members to participate.

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