Webinar; 17 May 15.30-16.30 CEST

In the one and a half years since ChatGPT made generative artificial intelligence widely available, universities have been experimenting with the application of this technology. For the most part, these experiments have been contained within a specific faculty, department or laboratory, driven by the curiosity of individual students, educators or researchers. Much has been – and continues to be – discovered: the application of AI for the benefit of writing, brainstorming or generating overviews of research literature are just some of the use cases being explored within the institutional setting. Universities, as important testbeds for new ideas and nascent technologies, should continue to facilitate experimentation. But as institutions begin to emerge from this pilot phase, it is time to pool individual experiences and collectively reflect on where AI can add value to university missions.

This webinar will present initiatives carried out at the national and institutional level that take a more concerted approach to examining experiences from the past year and a half year. Participants will gain insight into how this ‘gathering-of-experiences’ can inform the beginnings of a university-wide response to AI that supports an institution’s strategic goals and values.  

More information on the programme will follow shortly.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Pedro Ruiz Martinez, Vice-rector for Strategy and Digital University, University of Murcia, Spain
  • Michael Webb, Director of technology and analytics, Jisc, UK
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