EUA-CDE webinar: The landscape of doctoral education in Europe

26 February 2019 Time: 14:00 To 15:00

Doctoral education is at the forefront for the future of research, but how does its current landscape look like today in Europe?

A new survey report from the European University Association under the title “Doctoral education in Europe today: approaches and institutional structures” addresses this question by presenting the results of a Europe-wider survey in which more than 300 Universities have provided information about how the doctoral education is organised today, what their strategic priorities are and how they see the doctoral candidate of tomorrow.
In order to discuss these findings with the authors and enter a conversation about where we have arrived with doctoral education today, the EUA-CDE will organise a webinar on 26th February.


Introduction: Dr. Lidia Borrell-Damian, EUA Director for Research and Innovation
Presentation of the main results of the study: Dr. Alexander Hasgall, Head of EUA-CDE
What are the lessons learned: Prof. Luke Georghiou, Chair EUA-CDE Steering Committee, Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Manchester
The methodology: Marco Seeber, University of Ghent
Q&A session

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