Covid-19 & universities

The coronavirus crisis has challenged higher education institutions in many new and unexpected ways. As universities have to take radical measures and make major efforts to slow the contagion and to better understand the virus, they are forging new paths in crisis management. This brings both challenges and opportunities to Europe’s universities, in particular in relation to digitalisation and digitally enhanced learning and teaching, Open Science, research, quality assurance, university autonomy, funding and civic engagement.

On its part, EUA is working closely with members in this difficult moment. The Association has moved its public events online and added new events dedicated to needs that have arisen from the crisis. In many cases, the content of existing events, as well as surveys and projects, has been adapted to those same needs. EUA is working to facilitate the sharing of crisis-related good practices among members. It also gathers useful information via member questionnaires and the monitoring of European-level policy developments and shares information through its many communications activities. 

As places that gather many people, universities are emptier now than before, but this does not mean that they are closed. Learning and teaching are very active online and universities remain central in the research of new treatments and possible vaccines. The crisis has opened a window of opportunity for universities to engage even more with society, support governments through research and innovation and to help prepare a more resilient society.

EUA supports its members in these missions, with the hope of best preparing Europe’s societies for addressing global challenges.



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