University associations jointly propose amendments to the Horizon Europe proposal

05 July 2018

EUA and 12 other university associations presented a series of amendments to the draft proposal of the European Commission, published on 7 June 2018, establishing the Ninth Framework Programme - Horizon Europe. In addition to the amendments submitted jointly, EUA has put forward further propositions, with a view to improving the EU research funding programme, make it simpler and enhance its efficiency.

Following up their recommendations to double the budget for research, innovation and education in the next Multiannual Financial Framework and an initial response to the proposal for Horizon Europe, published earlier this year, the 13 signatory associations are convinced that Horizon Europe can greatly contribute to achieving European ambitions and strengthening its values. The 13 associations are: Aurora, CESAER, Coimbra Group, EARMA, EASSH, ECIU, EUA, The Guild, IDEA League, LERU, SEFI, UNICA and YERUN.

Importantly, the amendments argue for an increase in the total budget and a review of the budget allocation. They also underline the need for the realisation of the European Research Area and for fostering stronger links between research, innovation and education. Another key element for turning Horizon Europe into a success is the inclusion of reflections on human and societal issues throughout the programme.

The additional amendments by EUA propose a technical solution to enhance the acceptance of cost accounting practices of beneficiaries. Combined with a strong transversal part in the programme dedicated to the strengthening of the European Research Area, Horizon Europe should be well equipped to address the participation gap and improve the situation as compared to under Horizon 2020.

EUA and the other associations are engaging in a dialogue with the rapporteur for Horizon Europe, Mr. Nica, for the months to come and are confident that the joint action will have an impact on the final shape of the regulation of the next Framework Programme.

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