Education and training in smart grids and smart cities at the IEEE International Forum

10 October 2018

On 28 November 2018, EUA will moderate the Tech Session 6B ‘Education and training in smart grids and smart cities’ at the IEEE International Forum 'Smart grids for smart cities'.

The objective of the event is to provide a unique international perspective on technology, applications, standards and policy pertaining to smart grids as enablers for smart cities and other smart community solutions. In line with the objectives of the event, the purpose of the EUA session is to address important topics such as education, training and innovative teaching methods for smart grids and cities. Panelists will actively engage with the audience and challenge them to reflect on interdisciplinary skills for tackling the energy transition from a holistic perspective (addressing technical, societal, entrepreneurial, market aspects etc.). It will be an opportunity to facilitate mutual learning, as well as foster collaboration between several stakeholders (e.g. universities, industry, research institutes, local communities, NGOs etc.).

For more information, please visit the event website.

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