The right EU budget for the next seven years

19 June 2019

EUA has prepared special materials and a timeline for members to join and support the collective campaign on EU-level investment in research, education and innovation.

In the second semester of 2019, EU member states are expected to reach an agreement on the bloc’s Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2028. It is therefore important to reinforce collective action to raise the visibility of the sector during the negotiations.

EUA proposes that members write to ministers of finance and foreign affairs, communicate on the value of EU investment in research, innovation and education at sector level and liaise with national rectors’ conferences. To do this, EUA had produced bullet points for media releases, a template letter for the ministers of finance and foreign affairs and updated visuals summarising key messages for social media. The Association also proposes one hashtag to unify and monitor the campaign: #unlockEUfuture

In the context of the campaign, EUA will liaise with European media and reach out to member state governments, as well as members of the European Parliament. This week, EUA President Rolf Tarrach and President-Elect Michael Murphy signed an editorial in The Parliament Magazine outlining why investing in education, research and innovation in an investment in the EU’s future, especially in terms of empowering people and sufficiently backing ambitious plans. They also point out that the final negotiations of the next seven-year Multiannual Financial Framework present an opportunity to significantly step up funding for European research and education, both at home and collectively at the European level.

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