Take part in the Inclusive Mobility Survey

17 September 2019

The consortium of the EPFIME project on “Enhancing a thought-out Policy and Framework on Inclusive Mobility across Europe” has launched the Inclusive Mobility Surveys and invites higher education institutions, students with disabilities and ministries to respond until 30 November 2019.

Three separate surveys have been created to gather needs and expectations from across Europe on inclusive mobility, while focusing on how ministries and higher education institutions can collaborate more effectively to ensure the quality and transferability of support services for both incoming and outgoing students with disabilities in exchange programmes.

The outcomes of this research will be published on The outcomes of the project, including an innovative toolbox, will stimulate better and more in-depth collaboration of the different stakeholders and increase the quality and transportability of support services among European countries.

Should you have further questions on the surveys or have specific access needs to fill out the survey, please, contact (Support Centre Inclusive Higher Education - Belgium) or (Irish Universities Association - Ireland).

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