Research Data Rights Summit: research-intensive universities around the world unite with common declaration

30 January 2020

The Research Data Rights Summit took place in Paris on 27 January. Organised by Sorbonne University, the University of Amsterdam and University College London, all EUA members, the event brought together nine networks of research-intensive universities from around the world.

Held on the Sorbonne campus, the event provided an occasion for the associations to sign a common declaration on the topic, re-affirming that higher education institutions in Europe and beyond have a strong commitment to curating and sharing research data. The declaration, supported by more than 160 research-intensive universities, also calls on policy makers and research funders to set clear regulations and provide financial support. 

This crucial topic was among the discussions at the 2019 EUA Annual Conference. Sorbonne University President Jean Chambaz, a former EUA Board member, gave an address at the event calling for “a global vision of open science, not reduced to open access nor to Plan S, but including alternative platforms of open publication, open and fair evaluation by peers, open and fair citation index, open and fair indexation and mining of scientific data, and a profound change in the criteria for recruiting, rewarding and promoting academic staff.”

EUA has long advocated this stance due to the direct link to the quality, transparency, and reproducibility of research. The Association promotes research data management among its members, including through the FAIRsFAIR project.

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