#EUvsVIRUS hackathon results: bringing solutions to Covid-19 challenges to the next level

10 June 2020

The EIC COVID-19 platform presents all the projects gathered during the #EUvsVirus hackathon, the European Commission’s initiative launched in April to connect civil society, innovators, partners and buyers across Europe to develop innovative solutions to overcome challenges related to Covid-19.

During the Accomplishment Day on 2 June, the #EuvsVirus hackathon proved a success: it created 2,164 multi-disciplinary, multi-nationality teams with innovative solutions throughout April, then sparked the development of 2,235 new cross-European partnerships by matching the best 120 teams with 500+ supportive partners from the public and private sectors throughout May.

Some projects that could be of interest to EUA members include:

  • aiLearning: an AI-based solution developed with the aim to simplify remote examination. Its software system responds to the necessities of new tools to help students and teachers keeping contact during Covid-19 and conduct examinations effectively in a safe environment. In line with this, the LockdownExams project tries as much as possible to discourage cheating while taking online exams.
  • VideoWiki: defined as a "Video Wikipedia for Learners and Creators", this simple tool helps teachers create teaching content without any advance knowledge of a tool or code. They create content by using various media and graphics from the open stock libraries and merging it with their own content to keep it engaging and diverse.
  • How To Change The World: an initiative by University College London (UCL) that aims to empower at least 10,000 currently stalled young European professionals and students by delivering their well-established How to Change the World Learning Journey through a new fully virtual collaborative learning environment.
  • Dynamic: presented by researchers at Università degli studi di Palermo and University of Exeter, this project represents the solution to maintain physical distances within universities. It offers a simple and very cheap way to create a virtual and dynamic row and will manage the space inside the rooms to better organise profit exams, frequency of traineeships and research laboratories at university locations.
  • Jobiri: it is the 1° AI-based digital career advisor able to digitalise employment services. Jobiri supports more than 50,000 jobseekers and 30 Institutions in Portugal and Italy, including universities like the Catholic University of Milan and the University of Venice.
  • FutureUp Lab: it empowers teachers with personal development tools and coaching, to help students thrive​ during difficult times. Their simple tool helps teachers navigate stress and avoid burnout, save time and frustrations with long and expensive teacher development courses and seminars, and ultimately unleash the power of peer-learning by sharing tips with fellow teachers.

Have a look at many more interesting initiatives at the EIC COVID-19 platform.

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