University of Pisa: 5 research projects funded through the PRIMA programme

15 June 2020

The University of Pisa presents five projects funded through the PRIMA programme for a total of 1.5 million euros. The research focuses on the management of water resources, sustainable agriculture and the food chain in the Mediterranean area.

The University of Pisa is one of the institutions which has received the most funding from the first two editions of the PRIMA Programme, the Partnership for Research and Innovation to improve water availability and sustainable agriculture in the Mediterranean Area promoted by the European Union with the participation of 19 countries.

The five projects are:

  1. SIMTAP - Self-sufficient integrated multi-trophic aquaponic systems for improving food production sustainability and brackish water use and recycling.
  2. FIGGEN - Valorising the diversity of the fig tree, an ancient fruit crop for sustainable Mediterranean agriculture.
  3. FEDKITO - Fresh food sustainable packaging in the circular economy.
  4. HaloFarMs – Development and optimization of halophyte-based farming systems in salt-affected Mediterranean soils.
  5. iGUESS-MED - Innovative greenhouse support system in the Mediterranean region: efficient fertigation and pest management through IoT based climate control.
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