Launch of AERG, the new Association of ERC Grantees

24 September 2020

On 24 September, the Association of ERC Grantees (AERG) was launched with the mission of highlighting, accelerating and defending fundamental research in Europe.

The Association was launched at the EU’s Research and Innovation Days during an event titled "ERC of the future: Creating giant leaps for mankind", co-organised with the Friends of the ERC initiative.

The AERG is a non-profit international organisation based in Brussels. Its constituency are current and previous holders of a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) — about 10K outstanding scientists from all over Europe. Its core goals are to connect ERC Grantees, to communicate the results of their work to the general public, to policy makers and to relevant stakeholders, and to advocate for the importance of fundamental research in knowledge-based societies.

The new Association is a work in progress, as it endeavours to give voice, ambition, and possibility to European scientists.

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