STARTED Project - Supporting European researchers in creating innovation-driven enterprises

16 October 2020

The STARTED project, coordinated by EUA member NUI Galway, is an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance initiative to develop novel teaching and learning approaches to entrepreneurship for researchers, and build strong and durable bridges between higher education institutions and businesses

As the Project nears completion at the end of 2020, the STARTED Project consortium reflects on the experience, the methodologies used, learnings from the project and where it is going in 2021.

The STARTED Project developed a series of tools to support researchers create innovation-driven enterprises using disciplined entrepreneurship:

  • The TRICS (Teaching Researchers and Innovators how to Create Start-ups) workshop slides and the eLearning platform enable researchers to discover customer needs in different sectors in order to better shape research outputs and encourage close interactions with businesses concerned (start-ups, new business units).
  • ResearchInno, the first database specifically addressed to researchers who intend to evaluate the entrepreneurial potential of their invention (in partnership with Crunchbase), helps researchers to develop a more professional, complete and ‘real-life condition’ approach that will federate experts from several disciplines to support the best research innovations and allow their transfer via a partner of the project or in higher education institutions’ incubators.

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