WUEB 2030 Strategy report

19 May 2021

EUA member in Poland, Wroclaw University of Economics and Business (WUEB), published its 2030 Strategy report outlining the circumstances that explain the university’s understanding of the future functioning of WUEB, its vision and mission, strategic priorities, and the iterative mechanism of implementing the strategy.

The strategy forms the framework for key initiatives and projects which will contain detailed goals, measures, and budgets assigned to them. Every six months, WUEB will verify the activities carried out at the university by strategic reviews involving the authorities and a wide representation of the university community.

The 2030 Strategy has been created based on the work conducted by the Rector’s Strategic Forum 3.0, established in autumn 2019. Dozens of people representing the community of WUEB have analysed key challenges and helped define the university’s common priorities.

In February 2021, EUA released its vision for 2030, “Universities without walls” - the result of extensive consultations and deliberations with EUA members and partners over a six-month period in 2020.

The document sets out a vision of resilient and effective universities, serving Europe’s societies towards a better future, and will supports the development of the European Education Area and the European Research Area. It also provides useful guidance as universities refresh their institutional strategies in the context of European higher education in a rapidly changing world.

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