Call for proposals for posters and research papers for conference "From Data to Policy-Linking Quality Assurance and Recognition"

07 September 2021

In 2018 EQAR established a database of higher education institutions and programmes that have been subject to external quality assurance by a quality assurance agency, DEQAR (Database for External Quality Assurance Results). DEQAR currently offers insight into 65 000 reports of 3000 higher educational institutions in the European Higher Educational Area, uploaded by 42 quality assurance agencies. 

EQAR invites scholars, practitioners, and students (hereunder referred to as ‘researchers’) to submit research proposals that draw on DEQAR data. The aim is to offer policymakers knowledge which will support better informed approaches in higher education and enrich the understanding about the dynamic and vivid higher educational landscape in EHEA.

Selected authors will be invited to present their work at the conference “From Data to Policy - Linking Quality Assurance and Recognition” which will take place on 25 and 26 November 2021. The conference is part of DEQAR CONNECT project, supported by the European Commission. EUA is an associate partner of DEQAR CONNECT project.

The conference will gather representatives of ministries of education, quality assurance agencies, ENIC NARICs and experts on higher educational policies from across the European Higher Educational Area, which will discuss the state of play of databases in higher education, the creationof interoperability between databases, the integration of DEQAR in recognition workflows and possibilities of using and merging DEQAR data for policymaking at national and European level.

The event will further enable and support peer learning and facilitate the exchange of experiences among policy makers, stakeholders and researchers as well as explore good practices in the use ofthe database e.g. recognition of degrees, issuing of digital credentials, cross border QA, internationalisation, cooperation and partnerships etc.

To submit your abstract for poster or research paper please fill in the required form until 5 October 2021.

For more information about the conference and the full call for proposals, please visit the EQAR website.

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