International Higher Education and Global Science EU-China relations in a Changing World Order, 4–5 November 2021

08 October 2021

On 4–5 November, a conference on "International Higher Education and Global Science – EU-China relations in a Changing World Order" will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The conference will look at how international higher education, global collaboration, open science, and Sino-European-US connections are evolving in the changing world order.

The conference will build on the international research project on the New Silk Road’s implications for higher education and research cooperation and focuses both on the research and the policy agendas.

On 4 November, researchers will exchange and update their insights from inquiry and explore the agenda for further research. On 5 November, a wide range of actors and stakeholders will be engaged in panels discussing the emerging policy agenda for higher education and research collaboration and its implications for universities and their leadership.

The conference will be conducted at Paushuize in a hybrid format, allowing a combination of on-site and online contributions, interaction, and attendance.

Participation online is guaranteed upon registration, but on-site is limited in number (max 100) due to the Covid situation. Please indicate your preference upon registration. There are no fees for participation.

The event will be hosted by Utrecht University in collaboration with the University of Göttingen and with kind support from the Volkswagen Foundation.

For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.

Venue address:
Kromme Nieuwegracht 49
3512 HN Utrecht, The Netherlands

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