The European Youth and Higher Education Community to the European governments: support Ukrainian students and academics!

04 March 2022

The European Students Union, the Erasmus Student Network, the European Union of Jewish Students, the European University Association, Scholars At Risk, the Tertiary Refugee Student Network and the Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund reiterate the Statement addressing the renewed Russian Aggression towards Ukraine expressing solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all the educators and learners in the country as well as in the neighboring territories that are suffering due to Russia's war of aggression and a progressively developing full-scale invasion.

The signatory organisations express their solidarity with the Ukrainian people and call for therestoration of peace and diplomacy. Ukraine, as a full member of the European Higher Education Area since 2005, had demonstrated efforts and commitment in stepping into the family of Bologna Countries, to whom the basis of cooperation are the fundamental academic values, freedom of expression and the strive for achieving a democratic society. The current circumstances call for solidarity with and immediate support for the Ukrainian Students and the academic community.

Read the complete joint statement.

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