Statement of Bologna Process parties on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

08 March 2022

Both Russia and Ukraine are part of the European Higher Education Area and participate in the Bologna Process Follow-up Group and its workgroups.

In a joint statement several members of the Bologna Process, among them EUA, condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a clear violation of the values and principles of the Bologna Process, which is committed to “education and educational cooperation in the development and strengthening of stable, peaceful and democratic societies”.

The statement calls for immediate support to Ukrainian higher education institutions and their members, including international staff and students currently present in Ukraine, and “to cease contact and cooperation with any central government agency of Russia or any other country that actively supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine”.  With reference to the recent decision of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, the signatories also invite the Bologna Follow-up Group to suspend Russia’s right of representation in all structures and activities of the EHEA.

The European Higher Education Area, based on the Bologna Process, is gathering 49 countries, and a number of European stakeholder organisations. The process is dedicated to furthering the exchange and collaboration among European higher education institutions and is committed to European values.

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