European Training Foundation resource hub for Ukrainians and EU countries

15 April 2022

At the request of the European Commission, the European Training Foundation (ETF) has created a resource hub that aims to support recognition, education and work for the people fleeing Ukraine. It contains information for Ukrainians about recognition, education and work in the EU Member States, and information for Member States on Ukrainian education system and qualifications in English and Ukrainian.

The ETF Resource Hub contains information education and work in two sections, one for Ukrainian citizens - also available in in Ukrainian- and one for EU member state authorities, schools / colleges / universities, and employers in the EU.

The section for people fleeing Ukraine provides information on accessing and continuing education and training, for different types and levels of education, including general education, VET, Higher education, upskilling and reskilling and language training. On Job Search there are links to European, Member States and other host country online databases of vacancies, and EU tools to make skills and qualifications visible, which are being translated into Ukrainian. On recognition there is an explanation on when people would need recognition and how they can get recognition and what to do if they have no access to their documents. This includes a reference to the ENIC NARIC network and other information.

The information for EU member states section contains information on the education system, and links to qualifications, occupational and educational standards, programmes and databases of credentials that have been issued, accredited providers and registered teachers, and information on the labour market and migration in Ukraine.

The Resource hub welcomes especially more links on specific information aimed at Ukrainian learners and vacancies, and invites comments for improvement or additional information.

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