IEP concludes external evaluation of higher education sector in FYR Macedonia

26 April 2018

EUA’s  has completed the evaluations of all public higher education institutions in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The evaluations took place during the years 2016-2018 at the joint request of the institutions and the Ministry of Education and Science as part of the Skills Development and Innovation Support Project. The overall objective was to provide an assessment of the current situation in the country’s higher education sector, including areas for improvement and investment, and recommendations for priority interventions

Six institutions were evaluated in the framework of this exercise:

  • St. Clement of Ohrid University
  • State University of Tetovo
  • St. Apostle Paul University of Informatics Sciences and Technologies
  • South East European University
  • Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
  • Goce Delchev University

IEP evaluations offer a context-sensitive, improvement-orientated approach, taking the institution’s own mission, goals and profile as the starting point. Each evaluation was carried out by a team of peers from across Europe and resulted in an institutional report presenting areas of strength and recommendations for further development. Access the individual reports.

The evaluations culminated in the preparation of a system review report by IEP, based on the individual evaluation reports and supporting material. This report highlights the shared issues and challenges in the country’s higher education sector and provides recommendations aiming to contribute to capacity building in governance and strategic planning, internal quality assurance, learning and teaching, research, service to society and internationalisation. The report will be published soon on the IEP website.

The main findings of the system review report were discussed with approximately 30 representatives from the evaluated institutions and national authorities during a post-evaluation workshop in Skopje on 19 April 2018. Discussions focused mainly on challenges related to learning and teaching and research, and also highlighted the importance of cooperation and exchange of good practice between universities within the country and in the wider region.

IEP is an EQAR-listed quality assurance agency offering institutional evaluations in Europe and beyond, with the aim of supporting strategic leadership and capacity to manage change. The registration period for evaluations taking place in 2018-2019 is open until 2 July 2018. Further information is available here.

IEP also recently held a webinar to explore the impact that the programme has on evaluated institutions. The recording of the webinar is available below.

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