Higher Education in the Digital Era: Open consultation for IAU Policy Statement

04 February 2019


In light of rapid digital transformations in higher education and beyond, the International Association of Universities (IAU) is developing a Policy Statement to outline the key values and principles that must underpin these changes. IAU invites higher education institutions to contribute to shaping this statement through an online consultation. 

New technologies carry the potential to contribute to societal development and to improve human conditions, yet, they also bring about serious questions about ethics, regulation and equality. Importantly, they are intrinsically linked to how we envisage the future of higher education - hence, an urgent call to rethink the ways in which we teach, conduct research and even the content of curricula.

The open conslutation aims to take stock of the current situation around the world and it will only take around 15 minutes to complete the 26 multiple-choice questions. Several colleagues from the same institution are welcome to take part in the consultation.

Should you have questions about the open consultation or, more generally, about IAU’s work in technology and higher education, please do not hesitate to contact

Take the survey.

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