Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration: Applications now open

09 August 2019

The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration recognises and celebrates achievements that contribute to supporting and strengthening European integration. EUA is a partner of the 2019 edition.

The Jean Monnet Prize for European Integration aims at honouring Jean Monnet’s memory and life achievements. It does so by rewarding talented individuals or groups having contributed to supporting or strengthening European Integration through a project they designed and implemented. The winning project receives a €1,500 grant. Read the full statute of the Jean Monnet Prize.

All projects either implemented or under implementation promoting European integration can apply to the Jean Monnet Prize. takes a broad view of European integration and believe it is as much about the people than about institutions. Many projects can therefore be considered to contribute to European integration or promote the European spirit.

The Jean Monnet Prize is awarded annually on 9 November, on the day of Jean Monnet’s birth. The application period for the 2019 edition will run from 9 August to 9 October 2019, 23:59 CET. During the application period, a link will be provided to the online application procedure.

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