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“Expert Voices” is an online platform featuring original commentary and analysis on the higher education and research sector in Europe. It offers EUA experts, members and partners the opportunity to share their expertise and perspectives in an interactive and flexible exchange on key topics in the field.

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  • 16 Sep 2020
    Multidisciplinary entrepreneurship training develops the capacity for effectiveness | Taru Pilvi, Tampere University in Finland Providing students with the skills for multidisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurship supports social impact. The Tampere Universities community promotes this endeavour through multidisciplinary entrepreneurship training, presenting students with innovation challenges aimed at creating societal benefit, and by facilitating interaction between people from multidisciplinary backgrounds. As Taru Pilvi explains, through active, targeted measures, universities can provide the tools and skills required to address today’s challenges – and this is increasingly attractive to students. Read more


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