Learning and teaching: new support package for institutional strategies

18 October 2018

Under the Erasmus+ project European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching (EFFECT), EUA and 11 partners from 10 different countries have been exploring approaches for teaching enhancement and institutional strategies in learning and teaching.

In November 2017, EFFECT launched the Ten European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching, which have been endorsed by the EUA Council. The Principles are intended as an interface and framework for exchange and cooperation on institutional strategy development, but also to stimulate and guide discussions in national and European initiatives.

To further support their use and application, the EFFECT consortium has now created a set of guiding questions to engage with the 10 principles. The usefulness of the guiding questions has been confirmed by a pilot group of higher education institutions from different parts of Europe, as it has helped them link strategy and policy with daily practice.

Together, the principles and guiding questions provide a package to support institutional strategies for the enhancement of learning and teaching in a non-prescriptive and flexible manner.

The EFFECT consortium invites higher education institutions to use this institutional support package, and would welcome any feedback.

In the upcoming months, the EFFECT consortium will work on the final project outcome. This is in the form of- a feasibility study which aims to assess how a forward-looking European dimension for enhancing learning and teaching in higher education can best be promoted, while providing suggestions, recommendations, and scenarios for teaching enhancement at the European level.

Visit the EUA website for more information about EFFECT or contact the team at

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