News from EFFECT project activities: focus on institutional strategies and teaching enhancement

26 April 2018

Credits:@ EUA

The European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching (EFFECT) project is in full swing with a series of activities: a pilot experience on institutional strategies in learning and teaching, a staff development webinar on inclusiveness and citizenship skills, and an upcoming feasibility study on how to best promote a forward-looking European dimension for enhancing learning and teaching.

The EFFECT project, an Erasmus+ project coordinated by EUA and comprising 11 project partners from 10 different countries, is currently carrying out a series of activities related to teaching enhancement and institutional strategies in learning and teaching. Since its kick start in December 2015, the rationale behind EFFECT has indeed been that enhancing teaching goes hand in hand with strategic approaches to learning and teaching at institutions.

The EFFECT project proposed the Ten European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching as a framework to inspire and facilitate exchange and cooperation in learning and teaching among and within universities, as well as between national and European initiatives. Following an earlier call for participation, EUA is hosting a debriefing workshop on 26 and 27 April 2018 with 11 selected universities that have been testing these principles. The group discussed lessons learnt from using the Ten Principles in discussions on learning and teaching strategies at their home institutions. The participating institutions generally acknowledged the usefulness of the principles in structuring discussions and valuable dialogues within the university. They also welcomed the clarity on the institution’s priorities and distinctiveness that such discussions may generate. The next step under the EFFECT project will be to design a support package to complement the principles, in order to make them more concrete and connected to practices. 

Furthermore, EFFECT will also organise a webinar on inclusivity and citizenship skills on 15 May 2018. The webinar is mostly designed for teaching staff in higher education, but may also be relevant to other staff or students with an interest in this topic or in social learning models. 

In the upcoming months, the EFFECT consortium will finalise its activities and draft a feasibility study, which will stand as the final project outcome. The study aims to assess how a forward-looking European dimension for enhancing learning and teaching in higher education can be best promoted, while providing suggestions, recommendations, and scenarios for teaching enhancement at the European level – all supported by data and takeaways from the project. 

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