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Open Access: EUA 2016-2017 survey results released, new survey launched

21 February 2018

EUA has published its Open Access Survey Report 2016-2017. It tracks European universities’ progress towards Open Access by looking at the degree to which they have implemented institutional policies and practices in the field. At the same time, EUA is launching its 2017-2018 Open Access Survey.

Already in its third edition, the 2016-2017 survey gathered responses from 338 universities and higher education institutions from 39 European countries, representing a 100% increase from the 2015-2016 response rate. Since its inception in 2014, the initiative has collected input from 400 different institutions across Europe, providing EUA with the basis for a series of recommendations in 2017 on Open Access to Research Publications and to Research Data. It also allowed the EUA Council to issue a Statement addressed to EU institutions and national governments indicating the type of support universities need to make Open Access and Open Science a reality. 

The results of the latest survey show the increasing commitment from European universities in implementing Open Access policies for research publications. However, it reveals that progress is much feebler in Open Access to research data. The findings also highlight the need to further raise researchers’ awareness of Open Access and to create more incentives for Open Science. This could be done by changing research assessment practices and moving away from relying too heavily on the journal impact factor.

To keep this effort rolling, EUA invites members to participate in the 2017-2018 edition. The revised version features more simplified questions and some news ones, for example on research assessment. EUA hopes to receive an even greater number of responses to demonstrate the extent to which universities are engaged in Open Science and promote ways forward. Participants have until 30 March 2018 to complete the questionnaire.

The EUA Open Access Survey series is an integral part of EUA’s work in this policy area and is developed in collaboration with the Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science. The findings inform EUA’s work in policy dialogue at the European level to strengthen the support to European universities in implementing Open Access and Open Science policies.

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