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  • This information session will offer an overview of EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP), now that registrations for the next round of evaluations are open. Since 1994, IEP has offered enhancement-oriented voluntary evaluations on a...

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  • This webinar is open to EUA Members only. The 2024 European Parliament elections, which will take place on 6-9 June, hold great importance for European universities and the millions of students and staff in higher education across our continent....

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  • 2024 EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

    The role of data in shaping doctoral education

    26 - 28 Jun 2024 | Conference Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya | Barcelona, Spain
    ©Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

    The 2024 EUA-CDE Annual Meeting will focus on the topic of data from various perspectives. Hosted by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, it will discuss this topic by looking into the available data on doctoral education and how this data...

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  • 2024 EUA Funding Forum

    Sense & sustainability: future paths for university finances

    03 - 04 Oct 2024 | Conference University of Helsinki | Helsinki, Finland
    ©Ari Aalto & University of Helsinki

    What will be financed tomorrow, and how, depends largely on what expectations society and policy makers have of universities. What competing visions of the future for the sector are out there, in light of enhanced competition from other types of...

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  • 2024 European Quality Assurance Forum

    Enhancing education, research and societal engagement through quality assurance

    14 - 16 Nov 2024 | Conference University of Twente | Enschede, Netherlands
    © University of Twente

    The 2024 European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) will be hosted from 14 to 16 November 2024 by University of Twente, Netherlands. The Forum, entitled “Enhancing education, research and societal engagement through quality assurance”, will combine...

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  • 2024 EUA Annual Conference

    Universities in Europe: integrity in a time of change

    11 - 12 Apr 2024 | Conference Swansea University | Swansea, United Kingdom

    What does integrity mean to a university? Our sector is strong, dynamic, and used to evolving in order to do things better. Universities have been doing this for centuries. Indeed, staying true to themselves, while adapting to changing...

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  • The road towards Diamond Open Access

    12 Apr 2024 | Workshop Swansea University | Swansea, United Kingdom

    Background In the context of the EU-funded DIAMAS project, EUA will organise an in-person workshop on “The road towards Diamond Open Access” on Friday 12 April 2024 from 13.45 to 16.15 GMT at Swansea University, United Kingdom. In the...

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  • 2024 EUA General Assembly

    11 Apr 2024 | Conference Swansea University | Swansea, United Kingdom

    The 27th EUA General Assembly (GA), taking place on Thursday 11 April, 09.30-10.45 BST, is open to representatives of EUA member institutions and organisations. The GA will be hosted by Swansea University, United Kingdom, together with the 2024 EUA...

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  • Protecting fundamental values in the European Higher Education Area

    EUA webinar series - Toward Tirana 2024, the Bologna Process and developments in the EHEA (V)

    26 Mar 2024 | Webinar Online

    The fifth webinar in the EUA series "Toward Tirana 2024, the Bologna Process and developments in the EHEA" provided an overview of current discussions on fundamental values and investigate what these mean for universities in Europe. The event,...

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  • Registrations are now closed Do you hold a strategic role in shaping university R&I cooperation, within a European Universities alliance or beyond, at an EUA member university? Are you keen to contribute to the improvement of policies and...

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  • The future of European Universities alliances and transnational cooperation

    EUA Leadership workshops

    23 Feb - 07 Mar 2024 | Workshop ONLINE

    Do you belong to the leadership team of an EUA member university and have responsibility for transnational cooperation? Do you have experience in engaging in a European Universities alliance, are familiar with the opportunities and challenges of...

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  • Promoting gender equality and fostering inclusiveness in the European Research Area: Action 5

    EUA webinar series – A new ERA for universities (IV)

    06 Mar 2024 | Webinar Online

    The next webinar in the European University Association’s series “A new ERA for universities” will explore the European Research Area’s fifth action, on promoting gender equality and fostering inclusiveness. It will be held on 6 March 2024...

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  • What is next for the European QA framework?

    EUA webinar series - Toward Tirana 2024, the Bologna Process and developments in the EHEA (IV)

    05 Mar 2024 | Webinar

    The fourth webinar of the EUA series "Toward Tirana 2024, the Bologna Process and developments in the EHEA" provided an overview of the current discussions about the future of quality assurance in EHEA. This event took place on 5 March 2024, from...

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  • The presentation and recording are now available.                   The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment has recently launched a Working Group on Reforming Academic Career...

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  • Collaboration with industry and society to support researchers at risk

    Inspireurope+ webinar series (III)

    21 Feb 2024 | Webinar Online

    The European University Association (EUA) is pleased to present the third webinar of a five-part series as part of the Inspireurope+ project (September 2022 - September 2025), which aims to strengthen and coordinate support for researchers at risk...

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