EUA webinar series – A new ERA for universities (II)

The recordings of the first and second webinar are now available. Please note that you can access them only if you have registered to at least one of the webinars.

The European University Association has kicked off a series of webinars to demystify the new European Research Area (ERA). ERA is in the middle of its first Policy Agenda, with 17 ongoing ERA actions, and its next Policy Agenda is being shaped. In this context, what does ERA actually mean for universities? Why should university leaders care about ERA? And how can universities get involved nationally in shaping ERA?

While the first webinar introduced the new ERA to EUA members, the series now turned to exploring the many ERA actions of high importance for universities and their future. First up, ERA action 4 on research careers. This action aims to promote attractive and sustainable research careers, balanced talent circulation and international, transdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility. How is it progressing and what impact will it have on researchers and their careers in universities? We head from the European Commission, as well as EUA and the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN) for the university sector.

Save the date: On 16 November, the next A new ERA for universities webinar will present and discuss another ERA action which is very important for universities: action 13, on the empowerment of universities.


  • Manuel Aleixo, Head of Unit, DG Research & Innovation, European Commission
  • Silvia Gomez, Secretary General, YERUN
  • Alexander Hasgall, Head, EUA Council for Doctoral Education
  • Moderator: Vinciane Gaillard, Deputy Director for Research & Innovation, EUA

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