The Impact and Outcomes of Doctoral Education Reform in Europe

Credits: © René Monseigneur

The EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop on doctoral education reform in Europe reflected on the impact and outcomes of newly implemented practices and institutional structures.


11th EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop


The EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) invited academic leaders, heads of doctoral schools and doctoral education professionals to the 2018 Thematic Workshop. They reflected on key practices that have been introduced, i.e. institutional structures, doctoral supervision, transferable skills training and career development, and intersectoral collaboration and their impact on doctoral education and its outcomes. Part of this discussion considered if and how universities are building an evidence-base by monitoring and evaluating the practices and structures they have in place.

Thematic workshops offer EUA-CDE members a platform to collaborate and to share policies and good practices of common interest. Participants were invited to actively contribute to four parallel working groups, each dedicated to one specific practice and, over the course of the event, had the opportunity to discuss different practices.


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