Two sides of the same coin: Assessment reforms can help academics reclaim ownership of scholarly communication [Op-ed]

For Research Europe, EUA’s Vinciane Gaillard and Stephane Berghmans weigh in on recent efforts to rebalance research assessment and look at how it could bring about a much-needed transformation of publishing and scholarly communication.

Faced with the current disconnect between core academic values and the way research and researchers are assessed, the research community has launched the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) to reclaim ownership of research assessment.

In this article, Vinciane and Stephane reflect on this burgeoning movement, and elaborate on the benefits and lessons that it offers the academic community towards realigning scholarly communication and publishing and advancing open science. This piece also draws on EUA’s Open Science Agenda 2025, outlining how these developments can help to achieve the Agenda’s vision of a system that is transparent, diverse, economically affordable and sustainable, technically interoperable, and steered by the research community.

The full article is available on Research Professional News: Evaluation and communication are two sides of the same coin.

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Vinciane Gaillard

Vinciane Gaillard is Deputy Director of Research and Innovation at EUA.

Stephane Berghmans

Stephane Berghmans is Director of Research and Innovation at EUA.



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