Fellowships for at-risk scholars can benefit whole societies [Op-ed]

Three MSCA4Ukraine fellows recently shared their first experiences of the scheme. For EUA’s Michael Gaebel, their testimonies underline the scheme’s added value, which will hopefully soon be extended to academics at risk from other countries under a forthcoming EU initiative.

Launched in October 2022, MSCA4Ukraine now supports 125 academics and doctoral candidates through fellowships at European universities. As such, it is the first dedicated European Union fellowship scheme for at-risk scholars.

In this article, Michael reflects on the input of three MSCA4Ukraine fellows, Oksana Chukova, Olha Karaman and Artem Nazarko. He argues that we can learn several lessons from their experiences, including for long-standing questions about the viability of such schemes.

The full article is available on University World News: Fellowships for at-risk scholars can benefit whole societies.

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Michael Gaebel

Michael Gaebel is Director of Higher Education Policy at the European University Association.


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