Three must-haves for FP10 [Op-ed]

For Research Europe, EUA’s Kamila Kozirog describes how the successor programme to Horizon Europe can effectively contribute to Europe’s future prosperity.

As Europe endeavours to secure its future prosperity, the pivotal role of the EU Framework Programme for research and innovation cannot be overstated.

However, as outlined in this article, despite its essential role the programme faces numerous challenges, including new geopolitical challenges and other emerging political ambitions, the frequent redirection of the programme budget to new priorities and an overemphasis on applied research and innovation, to the detriment of basic, curiosity-driven research.

To sustain the programme’s place as a cornerstone of European scientific advancement and innovation, Kamila puts forward three recommendations from EUA’s recently published vision for FP10 ‘Paving the way for impactful European R&I’, namely increasing the programme’s budget, ring-fencing the budget and ensuring a more balanced approach to funding basic research, applied research and innovation.

The full article is available on Research Professional News: Three must-haves for FP10.

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Kamila Kozirog

Kamila Kozirog is a Policy Analyst for Research and Innovation at the European University Association.


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