• Building the Foundations of Research

    22 Jun 2022 Position Doctoral Education

    The EUA Council for Doctoral Education has developed this publication at a time when global challenges such as the climate crisis and the need to build a more sustainable planet, together with emerging opportunities (e.g. digitalisation), have led universities to a deep reflection on how doctoral education can further progress and remain open and observant of the core values of academia.

  • The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the continued implementation of reforms in doctoral education building on the Salzburg Principles and Recommendations. It is directed at university leaders who want to continue and deepen the implementation of Salzburg at the strategic level, ensuring a consistent, institution-wide approach to doctoral education. The document also provides recommendations for daily managers of doctoral education who look to keep their activities and processes up to date and responsive to new challenges for universities.

  • Salzburg II – Recommendations

    29 Oct 2010 Position Doctoral Education

    In 2005, the Salzburg Principles were established in the Bologna Process as the basis of the reforms for doctoral education. In the half decade that has passed since then, Europe’s universities have carried out wide-ranging reforms in this area, most notably by establishing doctoral schools. The achievements and experiences of Europe’s universities affirm and enrich the original principles.

  • Salzburg 2005 – Conclusions and Recommendations

    18 Feb 2005 Position Bologna Process, Doctoral Education

    The Bologna Seminar on ''Doctoral Programmes for the European Knowledge Society'' provided the first major forum to discuss the new Action Line in the Bologna Process entitled “European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA) – Two Pillars of the Knowledge-based Society”. The event was held on the initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European University Association. The main aim and objective of the Seminar was to identify the key challenges to be met in implementing the new Action line during the period 2005-2007.

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