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With more than 850 members, including 34 national rectors’ conferences, EUA offers access to the largest and most extensive association of European universities.

In an increasingly globalised world, EUA provides universities of all types with a unique support network and access to a wealth of knowledge that contributes to universities’ development. The Association helps its members to shape their future and represents the whole sector in a number of policy fora, including the European institutions, the Council of Europe and the Bologna Process.  

Represented by their leadership, members receive frequent updates on European higher education and research policy developments, as well as opportunities to influence them. They attend EUA Annual Conferences and a wide range of events with renowned European and international speakers. Members also have the opportunity to participate in projects and studies on the latest trends and best practices in the sector.

In addition, EUA members are eligible to join the EUA Council for Doctoral Education and benefit from reduced fees in the Institutional Evaluation Programme.


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  • Types of membership

    EUA offers four different membership categories and the possibility of “affiliate” status. These represent universities, national associations of rectors or other bodies active in higher education or research. Applicants should be located in one of the signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe. The “affiliate” status is open to organisations worldwide. 

    Individual Full Members

    Individual full members are higher education institutions that conduct research, provide degree programmes in two of the three study cycles (BA, MA, doctorate) and receive direct public funding or have been in operation uninterruptedly for five years. Individual full members have access to all EUA services and conferences, voting rights in EUA’s General Assembly and may hold an elective office.

    Individual Associate Members

    Individual associate members are higher education institutions that award degrees at the first and second cycle level, but do not meet the research criteria as set for full individual members. They have access to all membership services and conferences; however, they do not have the right to vote in EUA's General Assembly or to hold elective office.

    Collective Full Members

    National rectors' conferences representing the universities of a country are be eligible to apply for collective full membership.

    Collective Associate Members

    European networks of universities or other higher education institutions that demonstrate a sufficiently broad European representation can apply for collective associate membership. National associations of other higher education institutions, if recommended by the full collective member of that country, are also eligible.


    European or other organisations with an interest in European co-operation in higher education may apply for “affiliate” status. This is an opportunity for organisations committed to the same goals as EUA to become involved in EUA's work and to benefit from EUA's membership services, information, conferences and projects.

    For more detailed information on eligibility for the different membership categories, please contact our dedicated email address.

  • How to apply

    EUA considers applications from all universities located in the signatory countries of the European Cultural Convention of the Council of Europe.

    In order to apply, EUA needs to know if the institution is a member of the collective full member in its country (national rectors’ conference) and whether the institution would like to apply for individual full or associate membership. After receiving this information EUA will send the application form and more information about the application procedure.

    Applicant universities need a letter of recommendation from the president of the collective full member in their country. If there is no national rectors’ conference or the national rectors’ conference is not a member of EUA, applicant universities need letters of recommendation from three EUA full members from three different countries.

    All applications are first reviewed by the membership committee and then passed on to the EUA Council for a final decision.

    For more detailed information on the application procedures, including application forms, please contact our dedicated email address.

  • Membership fees

    At EUA, we want membership fees to be equitable and fair for universities in different countries and of different sizes. Therefore, the Association’s fee scale for individual full members and individual associate members is based on the GNP per capita of the member’s country and on the institution’s student numbers.

    Basic fee including inflation
    (2024 = 2.9%)
    Size of institution (number of students)
        Less than 7,500 students 7,500 -24,999 students 25,000 – 49,999 students More than 50,000 students
    GNP per capita based
    on 2020 World Bank figure
      (coefficient 1) (coefficient 1.05) (coefficient 1.10) (coefficient 1.15)
    Less than €10,000 (coefficient 1) 2,801 2,941 3,081 3,221
    €10,000 - €19,999 (coefficient 1.25) 3,501 3,676 3,851 4,026
    €20,000 - €29,999 (coefficient 1.50) 4,201 4,411 4,621 4,832
    €30,000 - €39,999 (coefficient 1.75) 4,902 5,147 5,392 5,637
    €40,000 and over (coefficient 2.0) 5,602 5,882 6,162 6,442


    Please find below an explanatory list of the countries that correspond to each fee category:

    • GNP <€10.000: 1.00 - not applicable
    • GNP >=€10.000: 1.25 - Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Greece,
      Montenegro, North Macedonia, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine.
    • GNP >=€20.000: 1.50 - Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland,
      Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey.
    • GNP >=€30.000: 1.75 - Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom.
    • GNP >€40.000: 2.00 - Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Luxemburg, Norway, Switzerland.


    For collective members, fees are determined by the size and economic strength of the country and its standard of living.

    The fee for affiliates for 2024 is €1,173.


    Please make your payment to:

    Account holder:            European University Association

    Bank:                                 ING Belgium

                                               Cours Saint Michel 40

                                               B - 1040 Brussels                                 


    IBAN                                  BE54 3751 0080 4297

    SWIFT (BIC)                     BBRUBEBB

    For more detailed information on fees, please contact our dedicated email address.

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