Inspireurope+ recommendation for national fellowship schemes for researchers at risk

09 January 2024

With a briefing published in December 2023, the Inspireurope+ project consortium recommends the establishment of national fellowship schemes across Europe and beyond to support researchers at risk. EUA is a partner in the project.

European higher education institutions are already at the forefront of global efforts to support researchers at risk. Individual higher education institutions, in some cases with assistance from national fellowship schemes such as government-backed initiatives in France and Germany, are providing crucial, life-saving support to many scholars. Existing national fellowship schemes for researchers at risk provide excellent models for replication across the European Higher Education Area.

Drawing on the experience of such schemes, new dedicated support programmes could be established in any number of formats, for example, government-backed support programmes, or partnerships between national education or development agencies and organisations dedicated to supporting researchers at risk, or partnerships with NGOs and international networks.

Experts within the Inspireurope+ consortium are ready to advise and assist policymakers, ministries, national agencies, higher education institutions and research organisations, industry representatives, funders and other stakeholders interested in establishing national support schemes at

Read the briefing on the Inspireurope+ website.

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