EUA joins forces with UNESCO for a global transition to Open Science

18 September 2020

EUA has joined the UNESCO Global Open Science Partnership. The purpose of this partnership is to work towards a global consensus on the transition to Open Science and the adoption of a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science in 2021.

EUA provides input from a European perspective during global consultations organised by UNESCO. During a regional consultation on 23 July, Vinciane Gaillard, EUA Deputy Director for Research and Innovation, emphasised that the transition to Open Science entails encompassing systemic, cultural and technical reforms. These changes will be integral to the future of research and innovation and, as such, cannot be seen in isolation from guidelines such as those found in the UNESCO Recommendation on Science and Scientific Researchers adopted in November 2017. The transition is a shared responsibility that requires a concerted approach uniting the main actors.

EUA is committed to a global approach as the way forward for a sustainable transition to Open Science. On a global level, it will be important that Open Science does not increase any existing gaps but contributes to closing them. Global recommendations should therefore be based on principles endorsing inclusivity and equity. EUA looks forward to continuing its role in the UNESCO Global Open Science Partnership as it works to make this a reality.

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