Gender Equality Academy project - Survey for a Pan-European gender trainers network

12 October 2021

The Gender Equality (GE) Academy project is conducting a survey to gauge demand for a Pan-European gender trainers network. The survey is targeting: (i)research institutions managers, (ii) HR staff, (iii) Equal Opportunities or E&D Officers, and (iv) Academic or Technical staff from Equality Opportunities or Equality and Diversity Committees or Working Group.

GE Academy is a Horizon 2020 project, kicked off in January 2019, which, in the last three years, developed and implemented a capacity-building programme on gender equality in research and innovation. The programme targeted mainly Research Performing Organisations and Research Funding Organisations' staff in charge of institutional change towards gender equality.

Within this framework and as a part of the project sustainability plans, GE Academy is conducting a feasibility study for the development of a Pan-European network of gender trainers. Among the main services that this network would offer to organizations, there would be the possibility to use an advanced search engine to find specialist gender trainers that fulfil possible requirements for training sessions and consulting services.

The purpose of this survey is to investigate the possible demand for such a network, taking into account the new Horizon Europe eligibility criteria for RPOs and RFOs to have a Gender Equality Plan from 2022.

Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes. The deadline is the 15th of October. 

For more information about the project GE Academy, please visit their website.

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