Welcoming Third-Country Nationals in Higher Education in Europe

25 October 2022

Welcoming Third-Country Nationals in Higher Education in Europe is the closing event of the MaxiPAC project in Brussels on 1 December 2022. EUA Policy Analyst in Higher Education Policy, Henriette Stoeber, will be a speaker.

With the recent and ongoing migrations, it has become increasingly undeniable that higher education institutions in Europe must be able to provide accessible and inclusive study paths for refugees and other third-country nationals. However, despite the Lisbon Recognition Convention and the Bologna Declaration, substantial obstacles have remained up to this day, especially for migrants coming from outside the European Higher Education Area.

How can third-country nationals, including refugees, have optimal opportunities in European higher education?

What can universities, student organisations, policy-makers, civil society and other stakeholders do to enable inclusive study paths?

How can competences and qualifications be assessed and valorised for access to higher education or to employment activities even when documentary evidence is lacking?

These are a few of the questions that will be addressed and discussed during this event.

Find out more about the MaxiPAC project, read the event programme and register for the event.

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