EOSC Association (EOSC-A) launches call for participation in new EOSC-A Task Forces

05 April 2024

The EOSC Association (EOSC-A) invites qualified experts to apply to become members of the reconfigured and rescoped EOSC-A Task Forces (TFs).

As a significant participant in the development and deployment of EOSC, members of the Task Forces will have the opportunity to actively contribute to the advancement of Open Science by liaising with EOSC-related Horizon Europe projects, offering feedback on developments, identifying strategic gaps and areas for investment, and providing input to the EOSC Partnership’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, or SRIA.

Following the completion of the two-year mandate of the original 13 EOSC-A TFs (2021-2023), a comprehensive assessment was undertaken by the EOSC-A Board in interaction with the Task Forces. The Board reached a consensus on the creation of four new TFs and has drafted a Terms of Reference document for each new TF, which defines its scope and activities through the end of the next mandate period (end of 2025):

The application form and all information on how to apply to become a EOSC-A TFs member, including the eligibility criteria and the selection principles, is available on the EOSC-a website, here.

The call for applications will close on Sunday 21 April 2024 at 23.59 CEST.

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