6th IAU Global Survey report on Internationalisation of Higher Education

05 April 2024

The report of the 6th International Association of Universities (IAU) Global Survey on the Internationalization of Higher Education: Current Trends and Future Scenarios is now published.

Having received responses from 722 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 110 countries and territories, the survey report highlights interesting comparisons between private and public HEIs across different regions and looks for common understandings of the potential benefits, risks, and challenges facing internationalization at the global level. The report further provides insights into intersectional aspects of internationalization in teaching and learning, research and society/ community engagement, and links between internationalization and societal priorities such as sustainable development, diversity, equity, and inclusion. In doing so, the 6th IAU Global Survey Report paints a picture of the current state of internationalization around the world, its recent transformations, and its possible evolutions moving forward. The full survey report and executive summary are available on IAU's website.

The IAU launch webinar, organized as part of the IAU Webinar Series on the Future of Higher Education welcomed many participants from all continents. The conversation between the following excellent speakers, representing different HE stakeholders from different parts of the world - Ligia Deca, Minister of Education, Romania; Francisco J. Marmolejo, Higher Education President & Education Advisor, Qatar Foundation Higher Education, Qatar; Fanta Aw, CEO of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, USA; and Sandra Guarín, Director of International Relations, Antonio Nariño University, Colombia and led by Giorgio Marinoni triggered interesting questions and comments on the report’s findings. The webinar recordingis available online and on the IAU YouTube Channel.

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