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Research-based learning (RBL) is heralded as a particularly impactful practice in Higher Education and an exemplar active learning approach. Yet it can be asked as to whether the student experience matches the rhetoric.

Does RBL, in the main, provide students with the chance to engage in the cocreation of knowledge, in keeping with the aspirations of active learning? Or is RBL-lite the reality for time and resource stressed staff and institutions? This paper draws on the learning from an earlier EUA Thematic Peer group on research-teaching linkages and provides insights into institutional arrangements in support of research-based learning. The role of mentoring, transdisciplinary learning and connecting with society will be explored with due consideration for the constraints and enablers for this approach to student learning.

ISSN 2593-9602

This paper was presented at the 2019 European Learning & Teaching Forum and reflects the views of the named authors only.

Making research work - institutional support for research-based learning as a form of active learning

Catherine O’Mahony (University College Cork), Wolfgang Deicke (Humboldt University of Berlin), Bernold Hasenknopf (Sorbonne University), Wyn Morgan (University of Sheffield), Louise Woodcock (University of Leeds), Martin G. Erikson (University of Borås)

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