EUA hosts first Digital Transformation Steering Committee meeting

20 May 2022

In early May, members of the Digital Transformation Steering Committee came together for a first meeting in Brussels.

The committee was established to strengthen EUA’s activities in the area of digitalisation of higher education institutions. At its inaugural meeting, members of the committee identified opportunities and challenges for universities presented by the digital transformation, a key topic on the European Commission’s policy agenda as well as for universities, more broadly. The committee will convene again online in late June to determine how EUA can adequately address universities’ priorities while optimising opportunities to steer the direction of EU digitalisation policy.

Together with the secretariat, the committee will work towards designing a programme of activities that is responsive and relevant to the needs of EUA members as they navigate major shifts brought about by the digital transformation. The committee will be active for an initial period of two years; its work will be reinforced by an Advisory Board which will contribute expertise from within and beyond the university sector to guide EUA’s policy input into the digital transition.

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