19 October 2016 | Report

EUA Public Funding Observatory 2016

The Public Funding Observatory 2016 data reveals that capital funding and investment in infrastructure for universities are decreasing. Student aid is declining and costs are being passed on to students. Meanwhile, staff layoffs and hiring freezes at universities are further consequences in some systems. More specifically, the Public Funding Observatory shows that although public funding to universities increased in 11 countries between 2008 and 2015, rising student numbers translated into a funding decrease per student in seven of these. In 13 systems, meanwhile, public funding fell in the same period, including in seven where student numbers went up.

Cuts in national funding also result in increased competition for EU grants as some countries expect European funding to fill the holes. However, according to the EUA analysis, this does not work. Universities with a stronger national funding base are more likely to win EU funding grants than those with low or declining budgets.

See also: Public Funding Observatory

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