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University R&I, and its synergies with education and service to society, is the premier gateway to the knowledge and skills needed for scientific progress and sustainable societal development.

With vital discussions underway regarding funding frameworks, regulations, careers and infrastructures, EUA is proposing this Agenda for a wide-ranging enhancement and closer integration of universities’ capacities as leading R&I actors. In view of the challenges ahead for the sector and Europe as whole, this Agenda builds on EUA’s vision for 2030, ‘Universities without walls’ and the pillars and values of its Strategic Plan by defining three priorities in R&I for the Association for 2027:

  • Amplifying the societal impact of university R&I
  • Cultivating robust, diverse and collaborative R&I culture(s)
  • Championing a well-designed and sustainable R&I system

The Agenda is intended as a catalyst for strategic reflection in the sector and mobilisation of universities as they navigate and shape the R&I landscape in the coming years.

EUA Research & Innovation Agenda 2027

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