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Taking forward the commitments made in the Glasgow Declaration, the EUA General Assembly adopted at its annual meeting in Hamburg a document entitled “A Vision and Strategy for Europe’s Universities and the European University Association”. The document outlines European higher education’s future challenges as well as developing a strategic mission for EUA: ”[the Association] intends to be a strong voice for Europe’s universities and to speak on behalf of the sector; it will serve their needs and ensure their full engagement in the development of the cultural and social dimension as well as the innovation potential and economy of Europe.”

The General Assembly was also presented with the EUA action plan and work programme 2006/2007. The Association will:

- Promote policies that will enable universities and other higher education institutions to respond to growing expectations regarding their contribution to the future development of Europe

- Advocate these policies to decision makers at different levels, ensuring that the voice of universities is heard and that individual members are aware of policy debates that will impact on their development

- Develop its knowledge and expertise through projects that involve and benefit individual institutions while also underpinning policy development

- Strengthen the governance, leadership and management of institutions through a mix of activities targeted at mutual learning, exchange of experience and the transfer of expertise

- Seek to enhance the impact and visibility of the Association’s work on behalf of its members

- Consider its own future development by means of a review of its membership criteria and governance structures, as foreseen in Article 12 of the Articles of Association.

A Vision and Strategy for Europe's Universities and the European University Association

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