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The Glasgow Declaration results from the debates that took place during the third EUA Convention of Higher Education Institutions hosted by the three Glasgow universities from 31 March to 2 April 2005. It was formally adopted by the EUA Council on 15 April. Over six hundred higher education representatives from forty-seven countries were present in Glasgow to discuss their own future and their contribution to shaping the European Knowledge society.

The Declaration provides the basis for the message that EUA will present to Ministers of Education meeting in Bergen on 19/20 May to discuss next steps in the Bologna Process, and also sets the policy agenda for the higher education community in the years to come. It will be the basis for the high level policy dialogue between public authorities and universities stressed by Commission President, José Manuel Barroso, in Glasgow, and emphasises our willingness to work with partners in securing the future of European universities as, in the words of President Barroso, “unquestionably one of Europe’s top priorities.”

The Declaration underlines universities’ commitment to pushing forward reforms and the importance of developing differentiated missions and profiles to address responsibly the challenges of global competition and social cohesion. Governments are called upon to give European universities the autonomy they need, be it legal, administrative or financial, to allow them to implement reforms, while universities recognise the importance of improving governance and strengthening leadership at all levels.

Glasgow Declaration

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