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The Graz Declaration is the major EUA policy document resulting from the 2nd Convention of European Higher Education Institutions hosted by the three universities in Graz from 28-30 May 2003. Formally adopted by the Council of the EUA at its 4th July meeting in Leuven, it was transmitted to the meeting of European Education Ministers in Berlin on 18-19 September 2003, the purpose of which is to agree on the priorities for the next phase of the Bologna Process. It is therefore the formal position of Europe’s universities. It was presented as such to the Ministers in Berlin, and will be included in the Conference proceedings. 

The Declaration thus seeks to provide a longterm vision for our universities and to express our own priorities for the next phase of the Bologna Process. Drawing on the results of the Trends 2003 report, it emphasizes that the main challenge now is to transform the multitude of legislative changes that have been taking place across Europe in the last few years into meaningful academic aims and institutional realities. It goes beyond the specific Bologna Action Lines to look at the wider role of European universities in a global context, how they see themselves and what are their core values.

Graz Declaration 2003

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